Top 10 Oklahoma Best malpractice lawyers 2018

logo site - Top 10 Oklahoma Best malpractice lawyers 2018Many lawyers in Oklahoma are concentrated in Oklahoma City and Tulsa. The positioning is strategic since these are robust metropolises with a wide range of activities running thus attorneys are needed to help clients through disputes, strike agreements and also give advice on the best course of action in various situations. The competition is rife and being among the Top 10 Oklahoma malpractice lawyers requires proficiency and specialization as discussed below.

Leader of 10 top list 150x150 - Top 10 Oklahoma Best malpractice lawyers 20181. McAfee & Taft

This firm has invested in competent lawyers in legal fields such as banking and finance litigation, corporate law, malpractice, bankruptcy and creditor debtor rights and reorganization law. In 2018, it got 48 tier 1 practice areas rankings in Oklahoma City alone. Its address is 10th Floor, Two Leadership Square, 211 N Robinson Ave in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma and the phone contact is +1 405-235-9621.

2. Conner & Winters, LLP

Conner & Winters, LLP’s standing is stable since it is among the few Oklahoma law firms with a national ranking. The company’s success in the Employee Benefits Law has enabled it to compete favorably with other top law firms in the country. Its address is 4000 One Williams Ctr, Tulsa, OK 74172, USA and the phone number is +1 918-586-5711.

3. Crowe & Dunlevy malpractice lawyer

The firm has tried out in 88 practices at the regional level. Among all these fields, the company has received positive rankings in the areas of Administrative/Regulatory Law and Appellate Practice. These ratings imply that the firm has experienced personnel to handle cases in those two fields. The address of the company is 321 S Boston Avenue in Tulsa, Oklahoma and their phone number is +1 918-592-9800.

4. Albright, Rusher & Hardcastle PC

The firm has an excellent reputation when it comes to Oil & Gas Law since it set out early when the oil-related businesses started in Oklahoma. Consequently, many oil companies of Tulsa City carry out their legal requirements through the firm.Their address is 15 West 6th Street Suite 2600 in Tulsa, Oklahoma and their phone number is +1 918-583-5800.

5. Allen Smallwood

This lawyer is competent in the areas of Criminal Defense: General Practice and Criminal Defense: White Collar. Clients with issues in these fields know that they would be given full attention since the lawyer is not distracted by many other engagements. The attorney’s address is 1310 South Denver Ave W in Tulsa, and his phone contact is +1 918-582-1993.

6. Atkinson, Haskins, Nellis, Brittingham, Gladd & Fiasco, P.C.

This firm ranks well in the state of Oklahoma due to its concern for the safety of the residents of the state. In this regard, it has been able to represent clients successfully in issues about Insurance law, Medical Mal-practice law, malpractice and Personal Injury litigation. Its address is 525 S Main St #1500 in Tulsa, Oklahoma and the phone contact is +1 918-582-8877.

7. Andrews Davis PC

The attorneys in this firm have mastered the business environment of Oklahoma and many other parts of the country thus they are rated highly as ideal Businesses and Corporate Lawyers.

Over the years, they have been able to represent clients well in delicate Business and Corporate concerns such as alternative dispute resolution, antitrust, reorganization and aircraft and aviation law. The address to the firm is 100 N Broadway Ave #3300 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma and their phone contact is +1 405-272-9241.

8. Hammons, Gowens, Hurst & Associates

The advantage of this firm is that it has had about 30 years’ experience in the state and federal courts. Their lawyers have settled comfortably for cases related to sex and gender discrimination; race and religious discrimination; sexual harassment, whistle blowing among other issues related to contemporary social ills. Their address is 325 Dean A McGee Ave in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma while the phone number is (405) 235-6100.

9. Hiltgen & Brewer PC

The lawyers in this company are focused on satisfying their clients by making them part and parcel of the legal process through all the stages. Clients report feeling valued since the lawyers understand that it takes the effort of both parties to register success. The address of the firm is 9505 N Kelley Ave in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma and their phone contact is (405) 605-9000.

10. Sherwood, McCormick & Robert

The law firm has worked for many nonprofit organizations in the state with tremendous success. Therefore, many of such entities rely on the firm to offer advice and represent them in legal tussles. The address to the company is 15 W 6th St #2112 in Tulsa, Oklahoma and their phone number is +1 918-592-1144.

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