Top 10 Indiana Lawyers

logo site - Top 10 Indiana LawyersExperience is a significant determinant when choosing an attorney. It is this component that many of them can know the best way to apply concepts taught in law school in real life situations. They will fall back on tricks and tactics used in the prior cases to deliberate on present issues. These top 10 Indiana lawyers have gained experience through long years in the practice or by specialization.

Leader of 10 top list - Top 10 Indiana Lawyers1. Stewart & Stewart Attorneys

The law firm has been representing clients in Personal Injury Law for 30 years. Over the period, they have handled regional and national cases making them the ideal team to represent anyone in this field. They are found at 931 S Rangeline Rd in Carmel, Indiana, and their phone number is (317) 813-9601.

2. The Law Office of Melissa Winkler-York, LLC

The focus of these attorneys is on representing clients with legal problems related to behavior. In such a way, they have had a lot of experience with DUI/DWI, probation violations, misdemeanors, and traffic law matters. Their address is 4259 Shelby St in Indianapolis, Indiana while their phone number is (317) 781-1080.

3. Law Office of Stacey M. Davis

This team of efficient lawyers attends to family situations that threaten to tear families apart. They offer advice regarding divorce, wills, bankruptcy, and real-estate and provide representations in the same areas. They are located at 1512 N Delaware St in Indianapolis, Indiana, and their phone number is +1 317-662-4718.

4. Taylor, Chadd, Minnette, Schneider & Clutter

The law firm staff is not restricted to any boundaries in their quest to offer sound legal advice and top-notch services. Consequently, they have helped individuals, corporations, and municipalities in a wide range of legal areas. They are located at 7855 S Emerson Ave in Indianapolis, Indiana, and their phone contact is (317) 552-0032.

5. Steve Crell Law

Steve crell is an attorney with 29 years’ experience, and he has been selected as an Indiana Super Lawyer. His field of specialization is accidents caused by automobiles, animal bites, motorcycles, and construction equipment. He can be found through (317) 708-6655, and his address is 8888 Keystone Crossing #800 in Indianapolis, Indiana.

6. Wegner & Associates

The lawyer who established this firm has had a successful career representing both employees and employers in the construction industry. He worked in three construction companies before joining the Indiana University School of Law. His address is 6801 E 96th St in Indianapolis, Indiana and his phone contact is (317) 348-3699.

7. Townsend & Townsend LLP

This law firm has passionate, knowledgeable and experienced lawyers in the Personal Injury and wrong Death legal areas. Their competence is evident in their collection of fees only after their clients are compensated. Their address is151 N Delaware St in Indianapolis, Indiana while their phone contact is (317) 762-3509.

8. John Steinkamp & Associates

This law firm is a Finance and Banking powerhouse in Indiana with a BBB rating of A+. They have a clean track record regarding Bankruptcy services and Credit & Debt Counseling. Their address is 5214 S East St in Indianapolis, Indiana while their phone number is (317) 780-1222.

9. David Dearing

The specialty of these attorney is in the environmental and land use matters. His 20-years experience in this area makes them better placed to represent individuals, businesses and government bodies on environmental and land issues. The office is located at 5936 N Keystone Ave in Indianapolis, Indiana and his phone number is (317) 920-0824.

10. Peters & Steel LLC

The firm prides on strategic planning, thorough evaluation and the pursuit of excellence which makes them result oriented. Their clients attest to the lawyers’ heightened dedication to winning cases. They are found at 8902 Otis Ave in Indianapolis, Indiana, and their phone contact is (317) 547-2000.

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