Rosen Management Services Review by Justice & Law Awards crew 2018

Rosen Management Services Review - Rosen Management Services Review by Justice & Law Awards crew 2018Rosen Management  6310 N. Lincoln Ave. Chicago, IL 60659 is a full-service property management firm that would make any homeowner feel at ease when it comes to running their real estate. They offer professional services in the areas of condominiums, conversions, homeowner associations, new constructions, and town homes. The company started in 1980 and ever since, it has successfully cooperated with a wide array of homeowners by instigating meaningful communication between them and their clients. In this regard, Rosen Management Services has been able to offer tailor-made services to suit the distinct needs of each of their customers.


When you partner with Rosen management, rest assured that you will work as a team. Any issues arising from the management of the property will be handled in a family-like manner due to the closeness of the firm’s staff to their clients. For instance, the company ensures that it attaches a professional property manager and his or her deputy to each homeowner association with which they work.

Diligence at Work

When you give Rosen Management the mandate of managing your property, they will explore all the areas that will make you enjoy the maximum value of your property. Apart from ensuring the building is tidy, the firm always has someone on the ground to report to in case of emergencies. In this way, the company has engaged in a lot of repair work in preparedness for any disasters. This situation sees to it that homeowners get minimal assessments.
Adequate Reserves
The company liaises with strong associations and are crucial at their responsible management of resources. In this manner, they always have money set aside to bail out clients that may be affected by a given catastrophe. The adequate reserves also play a significant role in increasing the value of the property thus clients get the best profits from selling them.

Efficient Team

The team at Rosen Management leave no stone unturned in their bid to achieve customer satisfaction. Their groundsmen, for instance, avoid procrastination of their duties. One client quipped that the maintenance guy attends to the snow “before it falls”!

Quick Response

The value of teamwork and customer satisfaction associated with the firm ensures that the client requests are attended to with utmost speed. In this manner, emails get responses within 24 hours. Further, when a representative of the firm is not in a position to attend to your query, he or she directs you to a more knowledgeable one.

No other company will make you feel at ease knowing that all affairs related to your property are running smoothly. With teamwork, dedication, and efficiency of staff, Rosen Management Services is the place to go to for property management services.

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