OJ Simpson lawyers – Dream team of 20 century

This term refers to a group of trial attorneys who defended O.J Simpson during his trial for murder of his ex-wife Nicole B. Simpson and Ronald Goldman, her friend. OJ Simpson lawyers in the dream team included Robert Kardashian, Robert Shapiro, Peter Neufeld, Alan Dershowitz, F. L Bailey, Carl Douglas, Gerald Uelmen, Johnnie Cochran, and Barry Scheck.

Robert Kardashian

He was Simpson’s close friend. Simpson actually stayed in his home to avoid attention from the media. Kardashian reactivated his license to offer legal services, which had lapsed before the Simpson case. He passed on in 2003, aged 59.

Robert Shapiro

He joined the Simpson’s team of lawyers after the start of the trial. He was the defense chair, thus referred to as the “architect” of the “Dream Team”. His leadership led to the defense team being given the title “Dream Team”. He co-founded Right Counsel and Legal Zoom.

Peter Neufeld

He joined the team to offer assistance in undermining the prosecution’s evidence related to forensic and DNA. He is best known for having discredited the credibility of blood trail found between Simpson’s car and Nicole’s body. He co-founded the “Innocence Project” together with Barry Scheck, a team member of OJ Simpson lawyers.

F. L Bailey

Bailey joined the team before preliminary hearing of the case. He handled most of the team’s press conferences and his most notable contribution was the way he cross-examined Mark Fuhrman, an LAPD investigator. He managed to make Fuhrman plead the fifth when responding to major aspects of the trial such as planting evidence. Hence, he undermined the investigators credibility. This cross-examination contributed greatly to Simpson’s acquittal.

Carl Douglas

He was widely considered by Johnnie Cochran as one of his top lawyers. Douglas later became the Johnnie Cochran Jr. Law Office managing attorney. He left the firm in 1998 and formed Douglas Law Group, which is now referred to as Douglas-Hicks Law.

Johnnie Cochran

He joined the team and took over after Robert Shapiro as the chair of the team during trial. He is famous for his closing arguments where he stated that you must acquit if it does not fit. This was in reference to the gloves that the prosecutor alleged that Simpson wore during Nicole’s and Ronald’s murder, but the fact was that they would not fit Simpson. He passed on in 2005 after being diagnosed with brain tumor in 2003.

Barry Scheck

Scheck is a professor at Benjamin Cardozo Law School, located in New York. He is a forensic and DNA evidence expert. Scheck joined the O.J Simpson team of lawyers to offer them assistance in countering evidence involving forensic and DNA. He co-founded the “Innocence Project”, which is a non-profit firm that relies on DNA evidence to assist in clearing wrongfully convicted inmates.

The Verdict

On the 3rd of October 1995, the jury found that Simpson was not guilty of both murder counts. The news of the judgment interrupted business across the U.S and abroad. At least 100 million people, globally, listened or watched the verdict announcement. The then U.S president, Clinton, was briefed on security measures before the jury read the verdict.

Portrayal in Television and Film

The OJ Simpson lawyers have been documented in many docudramas and documentaries. For instance, in 1995, a TV movie known as “O.J Simpson Story” was premiered by Fox. Other inclusions in television and film include “An American Story”, produced by the 20th Century Fox in 2000; an anthology series titled “The People vs. OJ Simpson- An American Crime Story” premiered by FX in 2016 and a documentary titled “OJ-Made in America”, premiered by ESPN in 2016.

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