Ohio Lawyers in Mansfield, Cleveland – bankruptcy, injury, criminal 2018

logo site - Ohio Lawyers in Mansfield, Cleveland - bankruptcy, injury, criminal 2018Ohio State has a myriad of law firms which may make one undecided on who to trust. Many have unique features which makes them suited for specific types of cases. Below is a list of top 10 Ohio lawyers that will address various legal issues with a high level of competence.

Leader of 10 top list 150x150 - Ohio Lawyers in Mansfield, Cleveland - bankruptcy, injury, criminal 20181. Buckingham, Doolittle & Burroughs, LLC

The firm has experience of 100 years in 37 practices at the regional level. In this way, the company will be in a position to give legal advice on a wide variety of legal problems and bankruptcy . Its address is 3800 Embassy Pkwy #300 in Akron, Ohio while the phone number is +1 330-376-5300.

2. Benesch, Friedlander, Coplan & Aronoff LLP

This firm serves clients with legal issues in the corporate world. The company specializes in such aspects as Corporate Law, Commercial Litigation, Employment Law and 43 other areas that are at the heart of many businesses. The address to the firm is 200 Public Square in Cleveland, Ohio and the phone contact is +1 216-363-4500.

3. Baker & Hostetler LLP

This law firm is ideal for a broad range of clients since it has 39 registered practices at the national level and 161 at the regional level. In this manner, any legal issue can be addressed ranging from Appellate Practice, Healthcare Law to Arbitration. Their address is127 Public Square, Suite 2000 in Cleveland, Ohio. The Lawyers can be contacted through +1 216-621-0200.

4. Porter Wright Morris & Arthur LLC

The firm has considerable strength in a wide range of Banking and Finance areas. Such include issues related to syndicated loans, financing real estate properties, personal injury and derivatives. Many clients laud them for being exceptionally thorough in equipment and Tax Credit Financing. They are located at 41 S High St in Columbus, Ohio. Their phone contact is +1 614-227-2000.

5. Bashein & Bashein Company, L.P.A

This law firm offers its clients services related to personal injury. Over the years, it has amassed unrivalled competence in the areas of Mass Tort Litigation and Class Actions. The firm’s address is 50 Public Square #3500 in Cleveland, Ohio. Their phone number is +1 216-771-3239.

6. Ice Miller LLP

The company has significant experience in the acquisition fiancé space serving the technology, healthcare and transportation sectors. Their strength in mezzanine finance is also undisputed. Their address is 250 West St #700 in Columbus, Ohio. The phone contact is +1 614-462-2700.

7. Berns, Ockner & Greenberger, LLC

For clients interested in getting legal services appertaining to real estate and housing properties, this law firm is the solution. The company has a strong standing in Land Use and Zoning Law as well as Litigation in Real Estate practice. The firm is located at 3733 Park E Dr #200 in Cleveland, Ohio.One can contact them through +1 216-831-8838.

8. Jones Day

The firm is best known for acting on behalf of lenders and borrowers world over. In this regard, any issues related to Banking and Finance will be addressed by competent lawyers there. The firm’s address is 901 Lakeside Ave E in Cleveland Ohio. The phone number is +1 216-586-3939.

9. Barnes & Thornburg LLP

The area of specialization of this firm is in environmental law. This practice combined with their knack for Employment Law makes it ideal for serving civil societies. Their address is 41 S High St Suite 3300 in Mansfield, Ohio while their phone is +1 614-628-0096.

10. Berkman, Gordon, Murray & DeVan

The lawyers have a thorough understanding of the criminal landscape around Ohio thus their practice centers around Criminal Law. Therefore clients with problems in that field will feel more at home with Berkman, Gordon, and Murray & DeVan representing them. Their address is 55 Public Square # 2200 in Cleveland, Ohio and their phone contact is +1 216-781-5245.