Michigan Lawyers weekly- divorce, immigration, personal injury 2018

logo site - Michigan Lawyers weekly- divorce, immigration, personal injury 2018Many factors can be sued to determine how reputable a law firm is. The most common criteria is looking at the number of successful representations they have had, the number and capability of their lawyers, the caliber of clients they serve, and the number of legal fields in which they can offer services. After an analysis of these aspects, the top 10 Michigan lawyers are as discussed below:

Leader of 10 top list - Michigan Lawyers weekly- divorce, immigration, personal injury 20181. Honigman Miller Schwartz and Cohn LLP

This group of attorneys are top-rated both in Michigan and at the national level. This bench of over 200 attorneys work tirelessly to provide solution to complex corporate situations. Their address is 39400 Woodward Ave Ste 101 in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan and their phone contact is (248) 566-8300.

2. Warner Norcross & Judd LLP

This law firm is undeniably the most successful in Michigan. The company prides on winning thousands of cases connected with the protection of brands, mergers and acquisitions, intellectual property, and labor and employment disputes. Their address is 111 Lyon St NW Ste 900 in Grand Rapids, Michigan and they can be reached through (616) 752-2000.

3. Miller Canfield Paddock & Stone PLC

The firm has a relatively small number of staff but it is well versed in Legal Service Plans and General Practice. In this regard, both small and high-profile Corporation in Saginaw Michigan attest their success to the guidance of these attorneys. It is located at 4800 Fashion Square Blvd in Saginaw, Michigan, and their phone contact is (989) 791-4630.

4. Dykema Gossett

This team of 400 lawyers and other professionals has successfully advocated for national and multinational organizations. The firm has also ventured into other activities such as educational seminars and publications of newsletters and journals that help people to know more about their strengths. Their address is 400 Renaissance Ctr in Detroit, Michigan, and their phone contact is (313) 588-6800.

5. Clark Hill PLC

These attorneys have a long list of loyal customers including various Fortune 500 companies. They have been in a position to step up their expertise in the areas of construction, immigration, family, corporate, environment, immigration, international, and labor law since their inception in 1890. Its address is 500 Woodward Ave Ste 3500 in Detroit, Michigan while their phone number is (313) 965-8300.

6. Jaffe Raitt Heuer & Weiss PC

This law firm is characterized by its agility since it represents clients in a wide range of areas. Usually, they have a strong bench of attorneys each suited in a definite number of legal areas. Their address is 500 Griswold St Ste 2400 in Detroit, Michigan, and their phone number is (313) 961-1200.

7. Butzel Long PC

Butzel Long PC serves clients mostly around Bloomfield Hills. The clientele in that region hold the company in high esteem due to the competence of the attorneys in Personal Injury, Divorce, Real Estate, and Accident and Property Damage which touch on the lives of many people there. Their address is 100 Bloomfield Hills Pkwy in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan while their phone number is (248) 258-1421.

8. Varnum LLP

Varnum LLP is a regional and national reputable law firm. It has a total of 132 attorneys and advisors who serve clients at the state and federal level in more than 12 legal areas. They are found at 160 W Fort St in Detroit, Michigan and their phone number is (313) 481-7300.

9. Trott & Trott

This law firm is an unshakeable force in the real estate industry in Michigan. It has sharpened its expertise in the following services: title claims and resolution, residential mortgage foreclosures, land contract forfeitures, tax and sales issues, bankruptcy and litigation involving real property. They are located at 31440 Northwestern Hwy Ste 200 in Farmington Hills, Michigan, and their phone contact is (248) 642-2515.

10. Sullivan Ward Asher and Patton PC

The law firm has had extensive experience in representing clients in many fields since 1951. The company has done its best to upgrade its knowledge and skills over the years. For this reason, it has served clients well in aerospace and defense, media and entertainment, biotechnology, aviation.

10 top lawyers michigan - Michigan Lawyers weekly- divorce, immigration, personal injury 2018