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logo site - Lawyer dog Louisiana, divorce, injury, immigration, bankruptcyLouisiana residents are different heritages and speak a variety of languages. The situation arises from the influence of the French, Spanish and the slavery era. The mix in the state has affected the manner in which law firms operate in the area. The top 10 Louisiana lawyers are successful since they have been able to identify the unique needs of the niche clients and attend to them with passion.

Leader of 10 top list - Lawyer dog Louisiana, divorce, injury, immigration, bankruptcy1. Baker Donelson Bearman Caldwell & Berkowitz PC.

This firm has a good standing in matters related to title deeds and royalty for well operators and oil and gas companies. They are reputed for handling the most complex of litigation and regulatory cases for such organizations. Their address is 450 Laurel St in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and their phone number is +1 225-381-7000.

2. Bradley Murchison Kelly & Shea LLC

The attorneys in this company have an in-depth understanding of solving disputes arising from the drilling of oil and gas and the laying of pipelines. They are also instrumental in matters of acquisitions and crafting purchase agreements for oil and ages bodies. They are located at 401 Edwards St in Shreveport, Louisiana, and their phone number is (318) 227-1131.

3. Kean Miller LLP

It is among Louisiana law firms that have the highest number of attorneys; 120 of them. The firm provides many legal services but they have a long-standing experience and expertise in creating appropriate litigation and regulations in Environment Law. They are found at 909 Poydras St Ste 3600 in New Orleans, Louisiana, and their phone contact is (504) 585-3050.

4. Dodson & Hooks, APLC

They are specialists in personal injury law, medical malpractice, and maritime law in areas in and around Baton Rouge. They commit to getting solutions to their cases promptly. Their address is 112 Founders Dr in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and their phone number is (225) 756-0222.

5. Blanchard Walker O’Quin & Roberts

These lawyers carry out their trade in Shreveport and Bossier City. They offer services in a wide array of issues with a commitment to attend to their clients’ individualized needs. Their address is 2250 Hospital Dr in Bossier City, Louisiana while their phone contact is (318) 742-9255.

6. Adams and Reese LLP

This company has more than 300 lawyers and has been in Existence for 50 years. They have a wealth of experience representing clients at the local, regional, or national levels. In this manner, they are the go-to attorneys for corporations with operations in Louisiana and other parts of the country. Their office is at 701 Poydras St Ste 4500 in New Orleans, Louisiana while their phone number is (504) 581-3234.

7. Bienvenu Foster Ryan & O’Bannon LLC

This group of dedicated lawyers serves businesses located in the CBDs of major cities in the state. Their area of specialty is in Insurance Law and Wills and Estates. They are found at 1010 Common St in New Orleans, Louisiana, and their phone information is (504) 310-1500.

8. Berniard Law Firm

This law firm operates in the Central Business District, French Quarter in seeking compensation for clients with Personal Injury and Wrongful Death issues. They also have an efficient team of General Practice Attorneys. Their address is 300 Lafayette St Ste 101 in New Orleans, Louisiana and their phone contact is (504) 527-6225.

9. Lucky Law Firm

The firm has attorneys who have worked in notable law firms in the country. They take a family-like approach when offering services to clients with personal injury cases by inquiring about the client’s physical, psychological and financial status at each stage of the case. They are located at 3765 Government St in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and their phone number is (225) 412-9333.

10. Manasseh Gill Knipe & Belander PLC

The attorneys have successfully represented clients in areas of Family Law and Adoption Law. They are located at 28655 Charley Watts Rd in Livingston, Louisiana, and their phone contact is (225) 686-2311.

10 top lawyers louisiana - Lawyer dog Louisiana, divorce, injury, immigration, bankruptcy