Indiana roll Attorney 2018

If you are seeking to verify the credibility of an attorney in Indiana, your search should start at the Indiana Roll of Attorneys. This is basically a listing of all lawyers licensed to offer legal services in Indiana. The goal of this listing is to assist clients to check whether a potential lawyer is in good standing, active, and licensed. This listing also assists clients to check whether a lawyer has any pending disciplinary charge against them, and whether they have ever faced disciplinary charges before.

The roll of attorneys also includes contact information of Indiana attorneys and any other extra names that they may have practiced under. The listing also indicates the date that the attorney was admitted to offer legal services in Indiana and status of their license. This database is available to the general public and it can be easily accessed online. The administrator of this service is located at 402 West Washington St, RM W062, Indianapolis, IN and can be contacted through 317-232-5861. The online service is run by the clerk of the Tax Court, Court of Appeals, and the Supreme Court.

Searching the Roll of Attorneys

You can search the database by using their attorney number and name, or the city where they practice law. If you want to search the database by name, you must include the last name of the attorney. Including the first name is usually optional. In case you search by the last name only, and the search result comes up with too many attorneys, then include the first name to narrow down the result.

Searching by last name only is designed to ensure that the results are extremely inclusive. For instance, if you search the listing by only the last name such as “Smith”, the results will include all other attorneys whose last name has the sequence of the letters “smith”. This is such that lawyers whose last name is “Goldsmith” will also be included in the search results.

In some cases, an attorney may decide to change their name after they were licensed to practice in Indiana. The most common reason to name changes is marriage. The Indiana Roll of Attorneys accounts for name changes in the search result. For instance, if you are looking for a lawyer named Sarah Kelly, but she has since changed her name to Sarah Smith, you will still find her in your search results. In this case, you will have searched her by the last name you know, which is Kelly, and the search results will appear as “Sarah Kelly”. However, the name will be in italics. Once you click on her search result record, you will find her name as “Sarah Smith” with a note indicating her previous name, “Sarah Kelly”.

Searching the listing by attorney number is also possible since each lawyer licensed to practice in Indiana has a unique bar number that they use throughout their legal career. The number has a special format that includes a sequence number followed by a dash and a 2-digit county number. The attorney’s county number corresponds to their residential county during admission to the bar. An example of an attorney number is 1234-67. When searching the database, you have to include the full number and the dash to get an exact result. If you enter a partial number, then you may get random results.

With this listing, it is possible for any client seeking legal assistance in Indiana to get accurate and reliable information about a potential Indiana lawyer, including their history, license status, and disciplinary status.

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