How to Choose the Best Immigration Law Firm

how to choose immigration firm - How to Choose the Best Immigration Law FirmSo, How to Choose the Best Immigration Law Firm? The process of immigrating to the USA can be difficult and highly taxing. You will be required to navigate through a rigorous process hence you will need a good lawyer to take you through all the necessary steps. Before beginning the immigration process for you and your family, it is important to consult with several immigration law firms and choose one that best suits your needs. Here are some helpful tips on how to choose immigration law firm for immigration to USA. So, how’s to choose the best immigration firm?

 1. Ensure That You Are Dealing With A Real Law Firm Not Visa Consultants

It is important to make sure that you a dealing with an immigration law firm with actual practicing attorneys who can be trusted to handle immigration matters. Most law firms even some with experienced attorneys fail to recognize the complexity of this area of law hence they only claim to assist foreigners with immigration issues but will eventually offer substandard services. In the worst case scenario, they will literally take off with your money or fill out immigration forms in a dangerous and wrong way without giving any explanation.

2. Research the Law Firm

You can find a lot of information about your law firm online. Establish whether its registered with relevant bodies and make sure that its lawyers are listed as members of a state bar association which is a mandatory requirement or they are members of the American Immigration Lawyers’ Association that a majority of good lawyers join. You can also find out if this law firm has good reviews on websites such as Martindale-Hubbel or whether its lawyers have professional publications. If you only find reviews that show how some of the law firm’s attorneys have been disbarred or arrested, then this is definitely an immigration law firm to avoid.

3. Avoid Law Firms That Make Illegal Offers or Give Wrong Advice

Immigration law firms that suggest that you do something illegal like lying on an application, bribing an immigration official or ask you to purchase a fake green card should be avoided. Such cases are common but in case you get mixed up in such illegal schemes, you may get into more trouble than the law firm. In any case this will permanently stain your immigration record which means that you will become ineligible/inadmissible for future green cards or visas.

4. Be Wary of Unrealistic Promises

Even the best lawyers can never guarantee success since the outcome of your case solely depends on the immigration judge or the Homeland Defense. Any law firm assuring you of 100 percent success rate or guaranteeing you a certain outcome may need a closer evaluation.

5. Compare Several Other Immigration Law Firms

While the best immigration attorneys are usually pretty busy, it is important to talk to their office staff to understand their personal demeanor, level of honesty and their commitment to work. Comparing several immigration law firms will help you choose the best lawyer to represent you. This also gives you the chance to identify the lawyers work philosophy and personality in order to get the perfect match for you. Seeking a second opinion ensures that you get an attorney who understands your case and the law.

6. Consider Trusted Referrals

Consult with your acquaintances and network of friends who have previously dealt with immigration law firms that can help you acquire a residency visa or green card. Referrals are good since you are able to get fist hand information about the kind of services to expect. Once you identify a good law firm, you can now arrange for a meeting with a lawyer who can advise you on available visa options.

7. Get an Attorney Who Can Speak Your Language

It is important to hire an attorney who can fluently speak and understand your language as this streamlines the immigration process by ensuring that you and your attorney understand each other and are on the same page throughout the process. It will also be easier to have accurate translations from your native language to English.

A good immigration law firm with honest and hardworking attorneys will make all the difference in ensuring that the immigration process is much easier. However, a bad immigration law firm will overcharge you, damage your case or fail to provide the required services. Whether you need to file a petition for a green card or visa, applying for immigration benefit or trying to solve a deportation case, ensure that you have an experienced and professional lawyer on your side. I hope we gave you some answer How to Choose the Best Immigration Law Firm!

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