Choice of John Jacobs – African and Indian American Lawyers 2018

There are more than a million licensed African lawyers across the United States and they all have their own areas of specialty. The most practiced fields of law in the U.S are criminal law, real estate law, family and divorce law, immigration law, litigation, personal injury and business law among other areas. If you are searching for a top lawyer in the U.S, here is a detailed list of the 10 best lawyers from the United States:

1. Steven D. Kupferberg

The african law firm of Steven D. Kupferberg boasts of 46 years experience, specializing in criminal defense and personal injury. Their offices are open Monday to Friday on regular working hours and their address is 5904 Hubbard Drive, Rockville, MD 20852. You can simply contact them through (202) 400-2531 or fax on (301) 881-9465. Free consultation is available. This law firm has a reputation for dedication, experience, and aggressive advocacy, with a promise to offer personalized services to each client.

2. Ferguson Evans Law Office

This African American law firm has been practicing law for 29 years and specializes in personal injury. Their attorneys promise to handle cases quickly to assist clients recover in peace and ensure their situations are resolved and get the compensation they deserve for their suffering and pain. Their address is 601 Pennsylvania Avenue NW, Washington, DC 20004 and you can reach them through (202) 609-8380. The law offices of Ferguson Evans are open Monday through Friday on normal working hours.

3. Oltarsh and Associates

Oltarsh and Associates is a New York based law firm that has 45 years experience in immigration and family law. They promise to resolve complex and multifaceted immigration issues no matter where the client is located. The fact that they offer services in multiple languages, including English, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, and French, make them a favorite choice for many people. Their address is 494 8th Ave Ste 1704, New York, NY 10001 and their contact is (212) 944-9420. Their offices are accessible Monday through Friday on normal working hours.

4. Coffman Law

Attorneys and Coffman Indian Law are among the 10 best lawyers from the United States. This law firm serves the Florida City area and specializes in disability law, employment benefits, and worker compensation. They promise to get their clients the employee benefits they deserve and make disability insurance appeals using persuasive and complete information. You can reach them through (888) 583-7243 and their offices are open Monday to Friday on normal working hours.

5. Traffic Ticket Defenders

Attorneys at Traffic Ticket Defenders serve the California area and nationwide. The law firm specializes in traffic ticket and DUI defense. They have been defending commercial and taxi drivers for more than 25 years and operate 24/7. You can simply contact them through (877) 787-2334 for consultation.

6. Terry and Thweatt Law Firm

Terry and Thweatt law firm specializes in maritime law, wrongful death and serious injury. The law firm is founded on the principles of hard work, imagination, and integrity. Free consultation is available and clients are served in either English or Spanish. You can reach them through (713) 481-7984 or toll free 866-870-0008. Their offices are accessible Monday through Friday during normal working hours.

7. Dennis E. Tully

Dennis E. Tully servers the Massachusetts area and has 41 years experience, specializing in real estate law. He represents both buyers and sellers, tenant/landlord issues, and also handles estate planning matters. His offices are open Monday to Friday during regular working hours and his phone number is (413) 507-0412. Tully’s address is 200 N Main Street, East Longmeadow, MA 01028 and he promises to give personal attention and professionalism to all his clients’ cases.

8. Jeff Field and Associates

Jeff Field and Associates is a law firm serving the Georgia area, specializing in bankruptcy. They promise to end harassment from debtors and prevent repossession of property and foreclosure. Their offices are open Monday through Friday on normal working hours and their address is 2500 W Broad Street Suite 602, Athens, GA 30606. You can call them through (800) 573-7755.

9. Michael A. Malyuk

Michael A. Malyuk has been serving the Ohio area for 15 years, specializing in social security disability. Free consultation is available for individuals seeking to apply for disability benefits throughout Ohio. You can reach him through (330) 929-9700 and his office is open Monday through Friday on regular hours. His address is 138 Stow Avenue, Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44221.

10. Chris L. Knight

Chris L. Knight has been in business for 33 years and deals with personal injury. He serves the Oklahoma area and promises to ensure his clients get the justice they deserve from insurance companies after being involved in car accidents. You can reach him through (918) 731-4219 and his address is 5314 S Yale Avenue Suite 150, Tulsa, OK 74135.

With this list of 10 best lawyers from the United States, your search for a top lawyer to represent you in your case has been made easier. Upon going through the list, narrow down to the lawyer who specializes in the field you want assistance and remember to countercheck their qualification and certifications.

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