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10 Best American lawyers 2018 – Every Day we Work for your Security, Confidence in Future and Legal Literacy.

The Law and Justice Awards annually recognize achievements of the US law firms since 2012. The first awards ceremony for Top 10 Best law companies of the state was held in Royce Hall campus of the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) on January, 2 2013.
The legal market leaders are determined by collection and analysis of the information presented by the partners of the awards, “LawExpert” California and “A.M Best” New York City.
The rating agencies analyze the most successful specialists and legal professionals with positive dynamics of work in 2016/2017. Every our top 10 list of the law firms from one of the US states is accompanied by description of the methods and profile of each firm that has become the leader of the list.
There are the following main criteria for selection of the 10 best American lawyers 2018 category participants:

– Business reputation, over 85% of positive feedback from the clients;
– Sound financial position over the past 3 years;
– More than 5 years of work experience in legal sphere;
– Qualified staff ensuring the work completion;
– Successfully implemented projects over the past 5 years.
– More than 5 employees with 2 and more years of experience in representing interests of the clients in arbitral and general courts;
– Participation in legal proceedings of 20 and more cases in arbitral and general courts during the past 12 months.

10 top BEST American lawyers list - About US - Top 10 best American lawyers 2018We solve the Following Tasks:

Contribute to increase in occupational prestige of legal professions in the USA;
Attract powerful lawyers to take part in legal, academic and other projects and programs, including startups;
Aspire to develop comprehensive cooperation between lawyers and contribute to building business partnership between legal science, education and practice.

Our Service will help the Clients to find the Solution in the Following Issues:

law and justice awards experts - About US - Top 10 best American lawyers 20181. Legal Assistance at Registration of a New Company in the USA.

american law firms 2018 - About US - Top 10 best American lawyers 2018For working in the USA new investors often need to open their business in accordance with a type of business organization used in the USA. It may be complicated if the investor is not quite familiar with the peculiarities of the business registration and all the procedures accompanying this process.

The experienced specialists from the Top10 best American lawyers 2018 will register your new company without delays and complications in the preferable type of business organization, will receive tax identification number for your new business, and will control correctness and timeliness of recording all the necessary information into the register of the state.

2. Representation of Clients and Assistance at Opening of Accounts in the American Banks (Bank of America, City Bank, Wells Fargo etc.).

american law firms 2018 - About US - Top 10 best American lawyers 2018Opening of a bank account for your new business in the USA may be delayed if you don’t know all the nuances of the American banking system. The banks often impose to the documents the requirements, which are not quite familiar to foreign clients.

The qualified lawyers from the top 10 best American 2018


lawyers will prepare all the required documents for opening of an account in the banks of America without delays and complications, and if necessary, based on your letter of attorney.

They will represent your interests while interacting with the banking institutions, and will also make it possible to use the bank account for your new business in the USA as soon as practicable.

3. Full-Service Support of Transactions and Formation of International Contracts.

american law firms 2018 - About US - Top 10 best American lawyers 2018International transactions and details of private commercial law have always been one of the most complicated and intricate aspects of running transborder business. The attempts of dealing with an international transaction independently, without consulting and support of a lawyer may turn into huge losses for one of the parties.

The experienced lawyers selected by us will competently structure the transaction, will prepare the international contract meeting all the requirements of the international law and ensuring protection of all your interests at fulfilment of the transaction terms. We will arrange for you the most favorable conditions, which will help you capture the full benefits of the international transaction.

4. Search and Preparation of the Variants for Buying a Ready-Made Business in the USA based on Detailed Analysis of Legal and Economic Side of the Transaction.

Among vast variety of business opportunities it is easy to lose and waste money buying a not very profitable or overestimated company that will not comply with the criteria of the US Immigration Service.

If you don’t know what business is more profitable for opening or are not ready to develop your business from scratch, reliable lawyers together with a partner real estate agency will find and offer you the examples of more profitable, sustainable and fast-growing business that will comply with the criteria of the US Immigration Service for obtaining a business visa.

In-depth analysis of the future transaction components will allow avoiding unpleasant surprises and will secure you from such a bad buy as detrimental or unreliable business not corresponding to your aspirations and interests.

5. Real Estate Taxation in the USA.

american law firms 2018 - About US - Top 10 best American lawyers 2018Except for real estate tax, paid to the budget of a district or municipality, where the real estate is located, there are two other kinds of taxes: income tax (in case the real estate is sold at a profit) and donation or legacy tax (in case the real estate is transferred to another person – for example, to the spouse or children – in life or upon death).
For non-residents of the USA the donation or legacy tax may be extremely high, from 18% up to 40% depending on the cost of the real estate at the moment of its transfer. Regardless of this fact, there is an opportunity to avoid taxation or to generally optimize it.

6. Immigration to the USA.

american law firms 2018 - About US - Top 10 best American lawyers 2018Immigration to the USA on all the family-related grounds, including:
— Reunification with the family members for the US citizens and green card holders;
— Visas for the spouses and fiancés (fiancées) being the US citizens;
— Applications to remove the condition of time from the green card of the spouse being the US citizen in marriage;
— Applications to remove the condition of time from the green card of the spouse being the US citizen upon divorce with the US citizen, death of the US citizen, physical or emotional abuse in the family. As well as in cases you are subject to extreme difficulties upon your return.

2. Immigration to the USA on all the work-related grounds, including:
— Temporary work visas H — for qualified workers with bachelor’s and master’s degrees (including for those concerned in opening of their own business) and models.

Another type – Temporary work visas L — for intercorporate transfer of managers, persons with specialized knowledge and those taking managing positions in the US companies, including with the purpose of opening of a new office in the USA;
Next one Temporary work visas O — for persons with extraordinary abilities in science, education, business, sports, art, television and cinema;
For sportsmen and those engaged in music activities – Temporary work visas Р;
For religious workers and other visas – Temporary work visas R;
— Work visas EB-5 and E-1/E-2 — for investors.

3. Labor certifications in the United States Department of Labor with the purpose of subsequent application for green card (according to specific work categories), including special labor certifications for professional medical attendants, physiotherapists, persons with special abilities in science and art (including college and university teachers), as well as those with special abilities in the performing arts.

4. Visas for children being in the process of adoption with the purpose of immigration to the USA.

5. Acquiring the US citizenship for children of the US citizens born outside the USA as well as for children and grandchildren of the US citizens, permanently living outside the USA.

6. Application for green card on the family- and various work-related grounds, including:
Visa Category EB-1 — for persons with extraordinary abilities in science, art, education, sports. As well as for those, nationally or internationally recognized; professors and scientific workers; as well as for international managers and those taking managerial positions in the US companies;
Category EB-2 — for persons with master’s or bachelor’s degrees and 5-year progressive work experience in their specialization. As well as for those having special abilities in science, art and business (including preparation of applications to remove the requirement of labor certification due to special abilities in science, art or business for benefit of the USA).
Another one – Category EB-3 — for qualified workers and workers with bachelor’s degree;
Next Category – EB-4 — for special categories of immigrants (religious workers, television workers, doctors, employees of international companies and some other categories).
— Category EB-5 — for investors.

7. Application for citizenship of the USA.

8. Petitions for lifting the US exclusion on various grounds.

9. Prolongation of the interim status and change of the status in the USA.

Awards of Law and Justice 2018 - About US - Top 10 best American lawyers 2018Our Expert Center of the US Lawyers Association on Evaluation of Quality and Qualifications in the Legal Sphere updates the list of the 10 best American lawyers 2018 twice a year.
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